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I was supposed to go to my volunteer job this morning (yes, believe it or not, I actually venture out into the world and pretend to do something useful for mankind once a week), but I couldn’t fall asleep last night until about six this morning (too afraid that I’ll have another treadmill dream, apparently), and since I could barely open my eyes after two hours of fitful sleep and felt I wouldn’t be very useful or productive, I decided to play hooky.

I thought I would simply roll over and go back to sleep for a while (I’m NOT a morning person), but surprisingly I’ve stayed up, despite being enveloped in a fog of fatigue. Oddly, it’s not been an altogether unpleasant sensation. Maybe because I’ve made a conscious decision to take the better part of the day off?

And so I’ve been sipping coffee and playing around with some crafts while listening to jazz and watching the clouds roll in for a late afternoon storm which is yet to arrive. Houston! You’ve passed it on to Baltimore, which is just fine with me.

You see, if the skies get too threatening and dark for my taste (not very likely, since I quite like storms), I can always go to the bathroom, where the skies will from now on appear forever blue.

Before you think I’m completely off my rocker (but then again, nothing new, you thinking that, ‘eh?)… Last night, while taking a late shower, I began to sense that something in the room was different, because it seemed to be brighter somehow.

I shrugged it off and went about enjoying the water and the steam. It was only when I tilted my head backwards to rinse the shampoo from my hair that I saw the cause of the brightness: the boy had painted the inside of the skylight (one of those old-fashioned towers so frequently found in Baltimore row-homes) a beautiful light blue! And wow… what a huge difference such a tiny drop of perfectly placed paint makes in creating illusions of light! That dash of colour has changed the entire atmosphere of the room.

And it continues to surprise me whenever I walk into it. (Yeah, yeah, small things...)

May your day and weekend also have a colourful surprise (or two) in store!

P.S. Happy Houston Happy Hour, Tiara Girls (and Boys)! Especially the pending Birthday Girl.


kdeweb said:

how cool! A skylight in the bathroom must be really relaxing.

As for the rain, talk to me in a few weeks and we'll see if Houston truly passed this nightmare on to Baltimore. It seems as if we have had 90% rainy days for the past month.

Gretchen said:

Considering that Galveston just had a building collapse this morning due to the rain, I think Baltimore will have to get a lot of rain to keep up. In the mean time, stay dry.

*Jealous* I wish I had a skylight in my bathroom (or any room for that matter).

MD said:

mmm - Years ago, I distinctly remember a pretty freckled face, wine loving, pizza craving and humongously talented Redhead ... OK OK I'll cut it short. My skylight is a balcony in sunny warm South Africa - if U get my drift ?(nudge nudge wink wink). Relaxing under the starry African sky .. with that RED wine, pizza and forgetting all about dreadmills, kicking bloggs under the bed after a jog around the blog. Look at me ... without looks and any writing talent ....deep sigh, deeper sigh, deepest sigh - I still get around. AStrix and obelix would have said regarding playing hooky "video meliora proboque, deteriora sequor" - Read asterix and the Goths.

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