Survivors ready?

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So our good friend Mr. “Piehorns” has launched the second installment of his tailor-made-for-the-blogosphere version of Survivor, and the hand-selected contestants already had their first immunity challenge.

And what do you know? The challenge involves them giving detailed (and juicy? Or gross?) descriptions of how they’re planning on feeding themselves whilst marooned there on Blogger Island.

I like their first challenge (but then, it's not my challenge to be challenged by, right?), because it's tying right into what seems to be fast becoming the runaway theme on this blog!

Good news is we get to help vote for the winner! So, let’s all go help make someone else as happy as all of you have made me! Well, okay then… but we can at least try!

However, we can't vote just yet. I think we still have to wait for Piehorns, who is embroiled in an apparent um... shall we say... scuffle with airport security ('cause I don't think what he meant involved the dentist, despite all that talk about cavities) somewhere between the Midwest and Texas.

Survivors ready?

Red, Out! (Oops, I seem to have my "reality" shows mixed up!)

(Update: Wander over to the tribal council, hear their pleas and cast your vote.)


pylorns said:

I'm back.. so I'll have the voting ready by this evening! and its "Pie-Lorns" btw.

redsaid said:

Ah, yes! Very relieved that you made it through all those cavity searches!

And no, see. In my "Disleksick" mind it definitely IS "Piehorns." Besides, Mice likes it too.

Looking forward to voting!

pylorns said:

voting is ready

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  • pylorns : I'm back.. so I'll have the voting ready by this evening! and its "Pie-Lorns" btw.... [go]
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