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So she has this on her blog (and I've seen it in a couple of other places too) and since I'm going through all of this angst about my pending 30th(!!!!) birthday and the opening of the play tonight(!!! I've decided that it can't possibly have more exclamation points than the prospect of forever departing from my youthful-even-if-often-turbulent twenties. No matter how terrified I am of performing tonight.), I've decided I might as well participate. Even though it's probably going to take some serious brain-wracking to come up with: daily happiest moments for every day in August. So since I'm a few days behind (and since this is my birthday month and I've been meaning to be introspective anyway and try and come up with some different memories from my life and write down a different one every day... yeah, yeah... so I haven't! What can I say? I procrastinate the actual act of procrastination.) let's play a bit of catch-up. Well, at least with the happiest moments thing.

Sunday, August 1: Happy to receive divine morning coffee from the boy. I swear, if he keeps it up, he might just turn me into a morning person! (GASP!)

Monday, August 2: Happy and honoured to have the chance to giggle with the girls (and boy) in my cast.

Tuesday, August 3: Happiness is being allowed to pet a beautiful black lab seeing-eye dog.

Wednesday, August 4: Happy and grateful for a good book and the luxury of time to finish it in almost one sitting... well, more like a lounging, then.

Thursday, August 5: I'm actually not happy at all yet. Just petrified since tonight is the first time we'll be performing our play in front of an audience (and the media!). So I'll have to get back to you on that one.


Natalie said:

How did it go? We want details!

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