Fly Revival 101

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Darlings, I'll tell you exactly how the fly revival works, but you need to pay very close attention because it's a highly complex, scientific process:

It's MAGIC, of course!

Okay... I'll admit: I have no clue how the fly regains consciousness after apparently drowning.

My guess is that we, having been blessed with a healthy dose of typical youthful impatience, didn't hold it under the water long enough for it to really drown, and so when it was put in the salt immediately after "drowning", the dehydration process caused by the salt happened quickly enough to bring the fly back from its unconscious state almost instantly, therefore causing witnesses to gasp out loud and be highly impressed.

Makes sense? If not... well, it's just after 4 a.m. and I really have no business still being awake, let alone trying to explain anything to anybody!


martha said:

I had a dream last night about seeing someone doing this on tv and then turning the the missus to explain 'that's what I was telling you Red had written on her blog.'

As far as I know, I haven't mentioned it to the missus in waking hours - I guess we have a fairly active dream life together too...

pylorns said:

um.. you lost me...

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