How Does One Relieve Oneself When There Are Men Working On The Roof

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And a skylight in the bathroom?


P.S. Before you get too jealous, the skylight is the vintage tower kind commonly found in older rowhomes. It was built for the practical matter of ventilation rather than for any esthetic reasons. (The pattern on the safety glass reminds me a lot of chicken wire.) The natural light it provides while I'm "being human" (My mom always said that if people intimidated me I should just remember that they also have to go to the bathroom because they are just human like the rest of us) IS very nice, though.

However, last week, when I went to the bathroom during the snow storm, I felt prickly, fiery sensations shooting up my bare legs. (Don't worry, the story isn't getting any kinkier than this.) Since I'm so quick on the uptake, it took me a while to realise that my pain wasn't being caused by a seizure or a heart attack (think about it... when you're sitting down your legs aren't as far away from your chest as they normally are, so you have to admit that my fear wasn't that outrageous), but by tiny bits of ice. Yes, it was actually SNOWING IN THE BATHROOM courtesy of that very same chickenwired skylight.

Needless to say, THAT loo experience was also a fast one.


deeleea said:

What is this thing you call snow? *winks*

'Nother gorgeous day in Sydney ...

martha said:

snowing in the bathroom???? that's just wrong.

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