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My dear Redsaid the blog,

Oh, my little darling, I'm so sorry that I've been neglecting you so! I know that even at the height of my laziest blogger days, I used to pay much more attention to you! I promise I have not ventured out to redder pastures, even though the other blog that has been taking up my time lately DOES have a distinct red hue.

Anyway, thing is, unlike with you, I'm not a single parent anymore. I'm raising this other blog, your half-sister, with a guy. And, typical of so many men, he expects ME to change that baby blog several times on a daily basis. (But then, in all fairness to him, he DOES put the coffee and the food on the table! So I really don't mind doing the rest.) And since I've been faithfully doing that, more than once a day, I'm actually beginning to suspect that maybe being a two-partner team in raising and nurturing a blog isn't such a bad idea!

I want you to know though that I'm NOT done with you. You will always be my first baby and if you and our three imaginary readers will bear with us, you might just be as frequently updated as your sister one day. Or, all right... at least once a weekday then.

By the way, I haven't told you much about your sister yet: Her name is and she is all about gossip and the upperclass (and those on their way to serve them champagne!).

She's not a snob though. Rather just a bit cheeky and opiniated. She already has many male followers, because she frequently provides pictures of sexy bikini-clad models and other celebrities. But she has plenty for the girls too! And even though she gossips about international celebrities, she also really likes to chat about what fellow South Africans who are notorious or famous for something, get up to.

When I introduced her here for the first time, some of our less-imaginary readers responded to our call and actually went over and left comments on her! So we'd just like to say a heartfelt thanks to them.

Anyway, Jetstreaker and her dad have, through their unfathomable faith in me, actually made me believe in myself a bit and I'm slowly starting to think that just maybe, I can be a professional writer again after all.

As you know, you and I have been through a lot. In fact, our lives pretty much began unravelling a year ago and I (and subsequently you as well) were plunged into the indigo depths of depression and the mute sadness that goes along with it.

Every day, with their help (and the drugs!), I'm getting a bit better though, and that depressed girl, the unkempt one who wears black a lot and skulks in the corner, is showing up less and less...


Annika said:

Hi! I miss you.

deeleea said:

Hey girl, glad to hear things may just be on the up... thanks for the comment... You know, don't you, that if you'd still been here we'd have finally met... Sigh. Bummer though that is it isn't out of the question that, sometime, I may just end up visiting you in SA... if you don't get to Sydney first!!

Like Annika said... I miss you too!

kim said:

i miss you, too. but it's good to hear that you're feeling better! :)

Lisa said:

I've missed you, darlin'!

TimT said:

I'm curious about the three imaginary readers. How comem they never comment? That's jolly unsporting of them! Maybe you could do an interview with them and feature on this blog.

The good thing about imaginary readers, after all, is that you can make them as glamorous as you want ...

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