Do you know what's even worse than being woken up by the house alarm a few days after you were robbed?

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Finally falling asleep with the reading light on only to be woken up by a moth viciously dive-bombing your face...

My. Shattered. Nerves.

(Note to moth: I'm too old to be classified as 'glowing'. So WHY did you pick me? Is it because my large, pale, round face is just so damn impossible to miss?)

I have to tell you though: maybe it's this all-consuming fatigue (I'm literally nodding off with double shots of espresso still in my mouth... and before you suggest that I actually ingest it, let me mention that I'm talking about my tenth cup in about two hours), but I'm feeling a bit less glum about everything. (Won't help anyway, will it? My anger and depression won't cause the stolen goodies to magically reappear.) Here's what I wrote a friend about the burglary:

This past weekend, some of the less fortunate paid us a visit here at my sister and brother-in-law's farm house for some early holiday gift selecting. They did really well for themselves! (In fact, one can almost say that they made out like regular bandits!) Apart from the really cool, expensive electronics they took, they even scored some instant cash and wallets. We were present as it happened, but luckily they didn't require our assistance, and we were left to sleep undisturbed...

Now if only the moth can be as considerate as the burglars! Wait... maybe he (she? It?) was SENT by the burglars?!? I'm not kidding, that thing had a tremendous wingspan. I'm convinced that mam-moth (har har) would have been able to transport another laptop out of here on just one wing and not even with the assistance of a prayer... 

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Is it bad that I found your tale about the moth as frightening as the burglary?! Is still break out in the sweat when I pass a town called Straffan, where my dad took us to a 'butterfly farm' one sunday when we were little. This contained giant moths flying at your head. It seems to me the purpose of moths is to fly at your head.... shudder

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