My Cheatin' Clichéd Heart

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RS*: "We need to talk."

RSTB**: "Oh?"

RS: "Yes..."

RSTB: "So wait... when you say "we", do you think that I have anything to talk to YOU about?"

RS: "Please don't get so technical? You always do this! Over-analysing everything. It's quite annoying."

RSTB: *Sulks* "Fine, what do YOU have to talk to ME about? Can't you just write it down and press send like you always do when you wish to communicate?"

RS: "Funny you should put it that way, because that actually kind of ties in with what I have to tell you."

RSTB: "Oh?"

RS: "Yes. You see... I'm... well... I have not been exclusive with you."

RSTB: "What do you mean?"

RS: "There's been another..."


RS: "Wait, calm down... it's not what you think."

RSTB: "FIRST of all, do NOT tell me what I think. You can't POSSIBLY know what I think. Besides, you've never CARED about MY thoughts. You've only ever used me to channel your own precious thoughts. Well, honey, I've news for you. Your thoughts? They ain't so precious, baby! Also? What will you tell me next? That 'it's not me, it's you...'?"

RS: "No."

RSTB: "WELLTHATISJU... What? So it IS me then, is it?"

RS: "No, of COURSE not. Would you please just listen to me? I strayed out of necessity, see?"

RSTB: "Oh, right, the 'I have absolutely no impulse control' excuse?"

RS: "I didn't want to have to tell you this, but you leave me no choice. I'm doing it for US. That one gives me a bit of money, see, and so..."

RSTB: "Why, you little materialistic cow..."

RS: "Did you just call me LITTLE? Thank you!! Okay, seriously... not a lot of money, understand, but enough for me to be able to keep you. See? I told you, I'm doing it for us, because I'd really like to keep us together. And this way I can actually afford your upkeep, because, well... you're not cheap."

RSTB: "And here I've been under the impression that romance was dead!"

*RS: Redsaid
**RSTB: Redsaid the Blog

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P said:

A jealous blog, hey? Just tell her she looks beautiful in red. Oops she can read this, can't she?

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