Things that go bump in the night

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As all three of my imaginary readers now know, we were burglarised here at my brother-in-law and sister's farm house over the weekend. You can read all the gory details (including how we were sleeping inside the house while it was happening) right here.

Needless to say, we've been on edge ever since. Last night, I think we each must have 'double-checked' that all windows and doors were locked and secure at least a hundred times.

I finally fell asleep at around 1 this morning. At around three, I was plucked from dreamland by the incessant ringing of the house alarm.

I was immediately overcome with fear and dread. I couldn't even yell out to my brother-in-law and sister, because I'm on the OTHER side of the house. In fact, in a different apartment, where my brother-in-law's dad used to live. It's attached to the house and connected to their house with an interior door, but there is still a huge space between me and them. In fact, whoever stays here has a different alarm, key pad and code. My alarm was armed but not sounding, meaning that, mercifully, no one else but me was in the apartment.

Not long after it had been triggered, the house alarm abruptly stopped. You know how a repetitive, loud sound continues to echo in your head even after it has ceased? Well, in the same way, the ghost of that alarm still rang out in my head for a few minutes before vanishing into the eerie silence that had descended on the house.

About half an hour after that rude awakening, just as I was about to doze off again, someone rang the bell at the gate, making me jump all over again. I dared to get out of bed to check the monitor (yes, they're jacked up like Fort Knox around here, and yet, despite that, the bastards had still managed to get in over the weekend...). It was the security company. A few minutes later, I heard muffled voices and footsteps as my brother-in-law accompanied them on a patrol around the house.

One can't jump to conclusions, of course, but all signs point to it that the same burglars may have actually come back last night. Unless it was a GIGANTIC bird - of ostrich proportions...

Lame jokes aside, we DID even check to see if it couldn't perhaps have been the dogs and their night time roaming that had somehow triggered the alarm, but no, it definitely was an adult-sized someone.

After combing through hours and hours of video footage taped by the security cameras, my brother-in-law made the disheartening and frustrating discovery that the camera trained on the window where they had gotten in on Saturday? Is, for some reason, NOT RECORDING. It is supposed to record all motion...

"Had this been the United States," steamed my brother-in-law, "I would have been able to sue these camera guys, right?"

I almost replied that most ordinary, middle-class folk in the United States don't HAVE security cameras installed at their houses, but something in his eyes made me refrain. Instead I just said: "Yes. For millions."

And I actually wish that it could be true. Because, dammit, someone needs to pay for the fact that I'm exhausted but too downright terrified to sleep!    

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po said:

so sorry to hear all this redsaid, I struggled to sleep for months after we were robbed and I woke up to hear them.

Redsaid Author Profile Page said:

Thank you, dear Po.

Damn, I can't even IMAGINE what it's like waking up and HEARING them. You must've been OUT OF YOUR MIND with terror!

Sheesh, I was blissfully asleep when it went down and I am jumping at my own shadow!

pylorns said:

At least you get a new laptop out of it...

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