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The day before yesterday, during her brief but mighty fine guest appearance here at Redsaid's, the gorgeous Miss Dee was too modest to mention the fact that she was solely responsible for this here brand new Lady Liberty design! Well, she did, in a Seussical kind of way, allude to it, but she wasn't nearly as boastful as I would've liked her to be! (Had I been capable of creating such wondrously beautiful things on computers (or even just with my own two hands), I would've shouted it from the rooftops!)

And what's more... she gave it to me as a birthday present!!!!

She was quite stealth about it too. Asked me casually what design ideas I'd have in mind for a new skin for my blog, and proceeded to whip this up in her spare time. And I must tell you, this looks better than I ever could've imagined!

Am I a spoiled brat or what? (Update: Dee must be a mind reader. She must have sensed that I'm about to credit her for these gorgeous new digs, because I've just been e-mailed by her to thank my regular web-goddess Emily, without whose help this new skin apparently wouldn't have been up here! So Em, thanks for once AGAIN being part of my lovely surprise! I'm really touched at how many hours you guys have spent (wasted!) not only reading my drivel, but also just giving me sooo much in terms of tech support (a LOT. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to all things computer related) and yet another gorgeous design!

And whilst we're still on the subject of being spoiled... thank you all so very, very much for all the sweet birthday wishes!

Despite the screwy start to my day, what with the early morning combat with the Ikea furniture (I have since decided that putting Ikea furniture together should be classified as an official Olympic sport and that it should be called Swedish Wrestling) during which I invented new curse words in several languages and brushed up on a few golden oldies, the rest of the birthday was fantastic.

We were at the airport at seven in the morn' (WITHOUT COFFEE) and then I proceeded to play "spot the South Africans, but especially my sister."

I was SO excited, I could hardly contain myself. In fact, the boy had to use all of his strength to try and prevent me from jumping on every person who walked from the customs hall into the international arrivals lounge. You know, I had to... just in case the person turned out to be my sister. (So to the perplexed-looking guy into whose arms I flew at Dulles Airport two mornings ago: I'm sorry. It's just that I hadn't seen my sis in five years and she could've undergone many changes during that time, you know? I couldn't risk NOT giving you an enthusiastic greeting, just in case you DID turn out to be her. See? Very simple.)

After what felt like eons, my sis finally DID walk into the lounge. And in my frenzied search for her...

It was the boy who spotted her first. He pointed to a blond* bomb-shell and said: "THERE she is!"

I didn't even double-check to make sure. I just ran into her arms and bawled and laughed and jumped and screamed and bawled some more. (She's married to an Italian, which of course gives me permission to get really embarrassingly emotional in public!)

It's now been almost two full days since her arrival and I still can't quite believe that she is actually here!

I'm convinced that she's given me some of her jet lag, because I'm so tired that I can't see straight...

More later when I'm more coherent. (Ha ha, as if I'm EVER coherent!)

* Her highlights are new to me. Looks fabulous on her though!

is a South African girl living in South Africa. That doesn't sound very original, we know, but you might find it remotely interesting when you learn that she has only recently returned to South Africa for the first time after a nine year, one month and two week (non-stop!) stint in the United States where she accidentally became an outlawed alien (also known, especially in immigration circles, as an 'illegal immigrant.' We prefer the term 'outlawed alien' ourselves). During her reversed exile from her homeland, she kept herself occupied by winning this website (but only after shamelessly bribing the judges) and thus being unleashed on the web where she slowly, leisurely became the World's Laziest Blogger; by being a nanny and by attending sci-fi conventions in search of other aliens. In the US, she also made her sailing debut, her international acting debut, tried and failed to learn the piano, and never learned to cook. She is hopelessly addicted to coffee, dogs (especially Labrador Retrievers), how-to books (with a particular fondness for her copy of the Time/Life A - Z Medical Encyclopedia), and she tends to grossly overuse parentheses (we're not kidding) during her attempts at writing, which you may - if you really have masochistic tendencies - subject yourself to by reading the words to the right of this column. If you REALLY and truly STILL want to know more, you can read her C.V. here.
Or you can stalk her send her some love via e-mail at: redsaid[AT]gmail[DOT]com

The Wish List (Because yes, she really does need more how-to books. Honestly!)


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